Will PURETi work with reflected light and how much light is needed?

UV light bounces around just like visible light, so reflected or ambient light works fine to activate PURETi.

There is a range of functionality that PURETi delivers that depends on the amount of light it receives.

Outdoors – PURETi claims a full set of self-cleaning and air purifying benefits. These functionalities only require 0.1mW/cm2 of UV-A light. Direct sunlight delivers over 1mW/cm2 and the north side of buildings – even in the shade – receive more than 0.001mW/cm2 of UV-A light.

Indoors – PURETi claims a more limited, but still powerful and highly marketable, set of odor eliminating and IAQ, respiratory health improving benefits. These functionalities only require 0.001mW/cm2 of UV-A light – one hundredth the amount of light required for full self-cleaning. This level of light is found at window surfaces and light fixture surfaces.