How does PURETi work?

PURETi’s patented production process results in a solution that can be spray-applied to form a clear, durable, thin mineral film on virtually any construction material – glass, metal, stone, concrete, paint, plastic, etc. When ultraviolet light (from the sun or fluorescent tubes) energizes the TiO2 crystal in PURETi-applied nano-thin mineral films, an energy band gap is created within the crystal that causes it to act like a magnet and pull a hydrogen atom off H2O molecules that are present in everyday humidity, leaving a hydroxyl radical (OH-).

The hydroxyl radical (OH-) is the strongest non-poisonous oxidizing agent in nature and literally acts like a pac-man to rip apart the carbon hydrogen bonds in any organic compound that comes in contact with it. All of this happens in nanoseconds and within angstroms of the PURETi-treated surface. The TiO2 in PURETi serves as a catalyst to trigger these reactions (safely decomposing organic matter into H2O and CO2) and does not get consumed in these reactions. In the presence of light, PURETi becomes a perpetual hydroxyl radical creator. Short-chain hydrocarbons get destroyed the fastest, with longer-chained molecules taking longer. No heat is generated by the photocatalytic process.

A second set of reactions is equally powerful at combatting urban smog. This happens when the photocatalytic process causes an electron to pop onto an oxygen molecule, creating O2-, a super-oxide aniline. This interacts with SO2 and NO2, the chief ingredients in smog, reducing these molecules to relatively harmless neutrals.

PURETi is also super-hydrophilic, which makes glass super-slippery. As a result, rain sheets off, taking organic dirt particles with it. It also makes glass non-fogging.

PURETi is non-flammable, and will quickly disperse if spilled.